May 182012

0 “The law of unintended consequences pushes us ceaselessly through the years, permitting no pause for perspective.” Richard Schickel 2011 saw a word or phrase that leaped into the media’s lexicon in coverage of politics and economics as governments, institutions and financial systems that have worked for the most part over the past several decades, [...]

May 172012

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May 172012

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May 162012
Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness

0 While the country prepared for St. Patrick Day celebrations on March 16, 2012 Friday night, the White House Press Office discreetly released Executive Order, `National Defense Resources Preparedness‘ which in a time of `national crisis’ arbitrarily determined by the Federal Government, shifts control of private business, industry, travel and even the labor of professionals [...]

May 152012
Mitt Romney Wrong on Spending Cuts, Historical Perspective and The ‘American Spirit’

0 Mitt, can you trust free markets and the Individual? The Washington Times on Monday May 7th in its article `Romney rejects Ron Paul-style Austerity‘ reported, “Speaking Monday at a town hall style-meeting event in Cleveland, presumptive GOP presidential Mitt Romney plunged a fork into the idea that he could come around to embracing (Congressman [...]

May 152012
Is 2012 The Year of The ‘Moderate’ Come Back?

0 In Reason Magazine’s article ‘Moderates Only Look Dead‘ Steve Chapman goes on to suggest that while it has been hard on incumbents since 2010?s ‘revolution’ and the political climate seems to be polarized with support on the far left and right, don’t rule out the centrists and the Moderate wing of both parties so [...]

May 152012
SEC Opens JP Morgan Investigation – More Regulation to Follow?

2 Quickly after JP Morgan’s CEO, Jaime Dimon’s confession of a $2 billion dollar ‘bet’ gone bad the SEC has announced a new investigation into the matter. Wall Street Journal reports, “The review is at an early stage and hasn’t progressed to the status of a formal investigation, this person said. Such reviews are routine [...]

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