Apr 272015

The resolution, which melds the Republican House and Senate budgets, could be finished by Monday, with the spending bills hitting the floor midweek, the aides said. Congress has struggled in recent years to complete the annual appropriations process, relying on short-term spending resolutions instead, so Republican leaders want to get a head start on the [...]

Apr 262015

-A bill that creates a felony charge for drivers who seriously injure someone while driving recklessly. Sen. Shane Massey, R-Edgefield, says his bill addresses a huge gap in the law, as the current punishment is a traffic ticket. State law provides felony prosecution for intoxicated drivers who kill or seriously injure someone. And a driver [...]

Apr 262015
The Stranger Waiting on the Road

“Stay with us, Sir. Night is falling.â€? The Stranger Waiting on the Road By Judi McLeod — Bio and Archives  April 26, 2015 Comments| Print friendly | Subscribe | Email Us | It seems that each passing day is getting worse in America and Western Society in general, where night is now falling. Perversion of every [...]

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