Jun 222014
Counterpoint:  Jesus was not a Socialist

By David French, Re-posted from FaithStreet.com Jesus was “pro-socialist,” American Christians are in thrall to Ayn Rand, and the early Apostles concocted a system of “egalitarian socialism backed by fear of death.”  Such are the wild claims Gregory S. Paul made Friday on this site. Socialism is a relatively modern construct, a governmental system invented [...]

Jun 162014
Counterpoint:  To those whining incessantly about 'Republican obstructionism'

Counterpoint By Mary Weeks Whiners complaining about ‘Republican obstructionism’ use the buzzword to justify Obama’s abuse of power. From 2007 through 2010, Democrats had a majority of both houses of Congress – through which they bailed out the banks, Wall Street, and Unions, overspent by more than a trillion dollars a year, and had to [...]

May 312014
When profiling happens

By Brian Ganges, Contributing Blogger May 30, 2014 at 11:20am Sugar and King were stray German Shepherds that lived in an industrial part of town.  They were the products of stray parents that always lived on the streets, and these two dogs were sort of adopted by the workers in the area.  They would hang around the [...]

May 222014
How Political Partisanship and Racial Nepotism Continue to Kill Our Country

Would someone please answer a couple of questions for me? Why do so many Republicans and Democrats choose to behave in such a partisan manner in placing “the Party” first? Why do certain blacks and whites have to make some things so racial all of the time? Race and culture are creations of God.  But [...]

Nov 082013
The Real Change We Seek

President Obama, Quoting other presidents does not qualify you to  “fill their shoes” or even prove to us that you have the wherewithal to be considered an American president.  The fact is you have never proven to any of us that you are capable, credible, or even American. You have failed miserably at the things [...]

Oct 152013
Fay's Firey message to the President

Message to Obama from One Fired Up American: Obama, since you have never really understood the underlying mindset of real Americans, there are some things that we, the real American people, want you to get through your thick head – WE DON’T NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS because we recognize the enemy. Compromising our safety is not [...]

Oct 102013
America's Unlikely Heroes

By Fay Maricelli OP-ED To the naked eye, the cast of Duck Dynasty appear to be just a bunch of backwoods hicks who happened to get lucky for making duck calls and somehow became stars who’s on-screen antics now entertain a massive amount of people. But if you look past the facade, you’ll see and [...]

Oct 062013
Mass shootings are a cultural problem gun control cannot fix (Video)

By James Loftin There is no doubt that mass killings are a tragic disaster.   No American would argue that rampages in a movie theater in Aurora or Columbine High School in Colorado, or especially an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, were anything less than heinous travesties.  Most recently, the mass shooting at the Navy Yard [...]

Sep 212013
Syria; To Strike or Not To Strike...

Why is it that politicians in general are so hell-bent on dominating and controlling everyone? From our own past it seems that, as Americans, they would understand the reasoning behind our Constitution as the “support system” of our bona fide, God-given rights. But as humans we are imperfect and once again we have fallen prey [...]

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