Oct 242014

Friday on NewsMax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” the former commissioner of the New York Police Department Bernard Kerik said yesterday’s New York City, hatchet attack on two police officers in Queens is “only the beginning.” Kerik pointed to the recent lone wolf attacks in the U.S. and Canada since ISIS has made a jihad [...]

Oct 242014
More about Zale Thompson aka ‘Zaim Farouq Abdul-Malik,’ the New York City MUSLIM ‘hatchet’ jihadi

Zale Thompson, who also used the MUSLIM name ‘Zaim Farouq Abdul-Malik’ has been named as the ax-wielding maniac who tried to kill four NYPD officers in Queens on October 23. Thompson injured two of the cops before being shot dead by the other two. Heavy (h/t Maria J) ORIGINAL STORY: jihad-in-nyc-muslim-who-attacked-nypd-officers-with-hatchet-has-been-killed-by-cops 1. Thompson Wielded an 18-Inch Ax Never Said a [...]

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Oct 242014
French Mother Has All Four Limbs Partially Amputated After Botched Abortion

A French mother of three has had to have all four limbs partially amputated after a routine abortion went wrong. She and her husband are now suing the medical team in Bordeaux University Hospital, and have decided to go public about the malpractice after three years of waiting for justice, The Local has reported.   [...]

Oct 242014
Canadian PM Stephen Harper Vows to Strengthen Anti-Terror Laws

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced that his nation is committed to strengthening its laws regarding terrorism and national security. PM Harper said his cabinet would ensure that plans are in the making, and hoped that laws would be passed to help Canada’s national security apparatus defend the country against terror, the BBC reported. Harper’s [...]

Oct 242014
**Ebola House Hearing Live Updates**

9:52 am - Issa: New York Ebola Case ‘Particularly Distressing’ Darrell Issa opened up the hearing this morning with a number of criticisms of the government handling of the Ebola crisis, calling the recently diagnosed case in New York “particularly distressing.” Issa added that he was “very disappointed” that Klain did not accept the invitation to [...]

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