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The aftermath of this election has been felt around the country. Now that we know Obama will be here for another 4 years, and that Senate Democrats aren’t going to be any less obstructionist than they’ve been for the past 2 years, we can look forward to an ongoing budget hiatus and the implementation of ObamaCare and ObamaTax increases. We have a little more certainty now that we know Obama will be here to finish the job of fundamentally changing our country into a Banana Republic. So, in response to the election, companies have been announcing layoffs, restaurant chains are announcing price increases in the form of an ObamaCare sales tax, and a lot of retail and food service chains are announcing that they are moving to mostly part-time employees.


Hostess announced they would be going out of business and liquidating their assets this week after the Baker’s Union ignored their negotiating offer and went on strike. Monday, the bankruptcy judge ordered them into mediation with the bakers union.

Twinkies saved? Hostess, Union Agree to Mediation:

Hostess Brands and its second largest union will go into mediation to try and resolve their differences, meaning the Irving, Texas-based company won’t go out of business just yet. The news came Monday after Hostess moved to liquidate and sell off its assets in bankruptcy court citing a crippling strike last week.

The bankruptcy judge hearing the case says that the parties haven’t gone through the critical step of mediation and asked the lawyer for the bakery’s union to ask his client, who wasn’t present, if he would agree to participate.

The judge noted that the bakery union went on strike after rejecting the company’s latest contract offer, even though it never filed an objection to it.

Hostess has been struggling for a decade in a saturated market of baked goodies. Left-wingers claim the company has been mismanaged to its death, and it’s not the bakers union’s fault that they’re going out of business. That may be true, however, the baker’s union undoubtedly pounded the final nail into their coffin when they refused to negotiate an 8% decrease in their salaries and benefits.

There are an increasing number of Mexican pastries and cakes on our grocery and convenience store shelves. If American companies are going to compete with foreign companies that deal with less regulation and labor expense, then they are going to have no choice but to cut their cost of doing business in this country or outsource to other countries. Unions will be faced with important questions over the next four years. What is more important? Maintaining a union standard that kills an industry or simply having jobs and industry? The Unions were celebrating Hostess’s announcement that they were folding. It was a show of power! They showed their power to kill their own jobs.

Loose ends of the election

Planned Parenthood takes credit for the sham of War-on-Women politics:

Planned Parenthood executive vice president Dawn Laguens told an Emily’s List post-election panel that Planned Parenthood’s strategy was very simple: to keep undecided women’s minds preoccupied with abortion and birth control until the very last minute – until they were forced to make a decision.

“[W]e could kind of hold them in ‘undecided’, in particularly in the presidency, by making Mitt Romney questionable in their mind on our set of issues,” Laguens said.

I’ve had a few fiscal conservatives tell me that the problem with this election was that Republicans were focusing on social issues, like opposing abortion and gay marriage. I didn’t see that originate from the Republican side. What I saw was a lot of Republican defense being played in reaction to the Left. It was Democrat and left-wing groups like Planned Parenthood, who get millions in taxpayer dollars and spend millions in lobbying for their for-profit industry both in our political elections and in our courts, who focused this election on social issues.

Allen West Concedes

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) fought a losing battle in his district as a direct result of the Census redistricting. He was moved from his current district into a majority Democrat district. They knew what they were doing, but he still managed to come within .58% of Democrat opponent Patrick Murphy (it takes a difference of 0.5% for Florida state election law to trigger an automatic recount). There were plenty of odd and chaotic conditions in his district that warrant scrutiny of this vote, especially in St. Lucie, the very district where suspicious recounts took place of early votes before the election ended, and the very district who “missed” the deadline for the court-ordered recount after the election, which allowed the original count to stand.

Allen West Concedes Congressional Race in Florida: Never did get his recount…

Allen West concedes despite massive voter fraud:

Patrick Murphy on Hardball with Chris Matthews in September

Left-Wing Charges of Romney Voter Fraud

Anonymous admits to tampering with Ohio vote:

Now the group (Anonymous) has come forward and said they are the reason that Karl Rove nearly went apoplectic on Fox News on Nov. 6, Election Night 2012.

Thom Hartmann reported the claim on his radio show on Friday (video of the broadcast is embedded). Of course, Anonymous has claimed things in the past which later turned out to be false, but as Hartmann said: “it makes sense.”

Republican strategist Karl Rove seemed incredibly surprised when the results came back from Ohio. It wasn’t just the surprise that Mitt Romney exuded — he reportedly had no concession speech written — it was genuine amazement.

As Hartmann, noted, in the book “Boss Rove: Inside Karl Rove’s Secret Kingdom of Power,” author Craig Unger documented how in the 2004 election, “the Ohio vote was counted in Ohio, at 11:13 p.m. at night, the entire Ohio voting system crashed … a minute later they came up. In that minute, all the votes had been re-routed through a server system in Tennesee, and so all the vote totals flowed back into the system in Ohio, and John Kerry lost, even though the exit polls showed him winning.”

Video: Thom Hartnmann on Anonymous firewall

So why didn’t Ohio go for Romney in 2012?

Curiously enough, the Ohio Secretary of State’s vote tabulation website went down at 11:13 p.m. Rove even mentioned it on the air.

Coincidence? Possibly. In this day of technology and hackers — and not just Anonymous, but hackers working for the GOP and others — it’s not out of the question. Computers are subject to bugs, as well, including this example of a voting machine that would not allow the user to vote for Obama on Nov. 6.

However, according to the report, Anonymous stopped any voter fraud from happening. The hacker group put up firewalls on election night to any data from flowing out of Ohio.

Anonymous, according to their “letter,” could instead have tried to capture the data and then expose the criminals, but that would have been far too risky. Instead, they closed the hole that Rove was going to use and blocked the theft of the election.

Is there any real proof that this happened? Of course not. However, based on Anonymous past exploits, we believe it is possible. In addition, in late October, Anonymous posted a little viewed video (viewable here, due to embedding limitations) that warned Rove and others that their theft of the election was not going to be successful.

It would be very interesting if Anonymous captured enough information to give the Justice Department evidence to take down the miscreants. Odds are not, but it would indeed be interesting to see Rove and others brought to task.

Hartmann’s reasoning to support the Anonymous claim is that Karl Rove almost had a stroke when Fox announced Obama the winner in Ohio.

WORDS MATTER – apoplectic: of, relating to, or causing stroke, or affected with, inclined to, or showing symptoms of stroke.

It hardly looks like Karl Rove is having a stroke about this, based on the following video from the Examiner article about Hartmann’s “sense.”

Karl Rove’s hissy fit? Or Fox anchors?

Rove said, “We’ve got to be careful about calling things when we have like 991 votes separating the two candidates and a quarter of the vote left to count.”

He didn’t think they should call it yet. He didn’t even disagree with the call. This article is claiming it makes sense that Anonymous must have saved Ohio for Obama, considering a journalist’s book about Rove in 2004 and specifically that reaction from Karl Rove on election night.

This is a smokescreen, along with unsubstantiated claims that Republicans were suppressing votes, simply by enacting voter ID laws.

GOP legally barred from fighting vote fraud:

Voter fraud investigation, Cemetery listed as return address:

Benghazi & Susan Rice

DNI admits they cut the references to terrorism.

What this fails to address is who added in all the false information about spontaneous protests and anti-Islam videos on YouTube.


Israel has been bombed steadily from Gaza for months now. So, they started retaliating. The amazing thing about it has been the media coverage. It’s like they have no idea that Israel has been bombed from Gaza ever since they ceded the territory to Palestinian terrorists. They completely ignore HALF of this conflict and are actively working to create sympathy for Gaza residents. But there is a harsh reality about this conflict. The Gaza terrorists are cowards and they use school yards and civilian-populated marketplaces to launch rockets at Israel. When Israel targeted the launching sites, women, children, and civilians in general died too.

How hypocritical it is to cry crocodile tears for dead women and children when those same innocents have been paraded about in martial glory advocating the death of the “Zionist Entity.” Can one soon forget the scenes spun from your propaganda machine of legions of women sporting AK-47?s, cloaked in their abayas and niqabs and marching in formation to the cheers and applause of Gaza’s patriotic residents; or of the hundreds of children, scarcely able to walk on their own, clad in (I suppose) ceremonial suicide vests and rewarded with candy and affirmation from their loving parents? There are indeed consequences to indoctrinating the innocent from their cradles forward with hate and bloodlust, primarily being that you forfeit their innocence and make them morally complicit in your butchery and war crimes. So is it not now disingenuous to rent your garments and wail over the outcome that you yourselves have brought to fruition?

In sowing to the angel of death, you have thereby reaped their terminal estate. Do not be surprised then, when the rosy cheeked cherub you have fawned over the entirety of his short life is crushed amidst the rubble of a schoolyard or a mosque that you conspiratorially placed a rocket launcher beside, using the flesh of your flesh as human shields in a gambit that you could not win and for an end you cannot hope to achieve. Because of your abiding morbid loathing, they have always been dead; they were merely waiting for you to light that deadly fuse. ~The Professor

Glenn Beck on CNN coverage of current Israeli-Muslim conflict might as well be the coverage of Al-Jazeera:

SWC: Egypt. Morsi Mocks Americans by pocketing our aid while answering Amen to public prayer, “To destroy the Jews and their supporters”:

Turkey’s PM Erdogan calls Israel a “terrorist state”:

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