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I have watched for the last 3 1/2 years a man called Barack Hussein Obama try to fulfill the job he was elected to do, President of the United States. At times I have sat in disbelief of the policies and procedures of this President. I have come to the conclusion that President Barack Obama is severely learning-disabled. It could be ADD, ADHD, or could just be something else. How else can you explain the actions of someone who claims to be a graduate of Harvard, a constitutional professor, president of the Harvard Law Review, and much more?

Leading up to the elections of 2008, the American people were whipped into such a frenzy that they would’ve elected anybody that was not a Republican. Starting in 2004 the left wing in conjunction with the mainstream media went on a major attack of then President George Bush. It was such a fierce attack that they would even criticize the manner in which would put his shirt on in the morning. They were quite successful in their attempts to make President Bush and his administration look incompetent.

So America was looking for a change. They were looking for somebody different and believed they found it in Barack Obama. Obama’s biggest challenge back then was to get past Hillary Clinton in the primaries. It was no easy task as Mrs. Clinton was extremely popular. But yet she was considered to be a part of the existing makeup of Washington, which I believe led to her demise. If she was not a Senator at the time and was just running for President, I think she would have defeated Obama and quite handily. Even though Obama was a sitting senator, he was just elected and was not in Washington for very long, in fact you could almost make the case that he got elected Senator and immediately went on the campaign trail to become President.

Today leading up to elections of 2012, things are a bit different. Obama is no longer a new fresh face. He now has a record that he can be judged upon whereas in 2008 all you could do was take him at his word that he was the better choice to lead our nation. Now he has to defend the moves he’s made and show why he should continue to President.

So as he begins his campaign season, though many will argue he has not stopped campaigning since 2008, he is taken up the tactics were he is left off when facing John McCain. His new foe, Mitt Romney, is not John McCain and would require a different set of tactics in addressing him. Instead Obama is going to follow the same tactics he used in 2008, personal attacks against his opponent, attacks upon the GOP, and it’s all their fault for the current status of our country.

That tactic will not work this time. Obama was given a break first time around, he was new, he was energetic, and he spoke of a place where we all want to see the country go. Only now he cannot speak of where his vision wanted to take us, he now has a track record that we all can see. So as he starts down the path of doing the same campaign strategies again, this time people will have something to push back on.

But that partially defines his Presidency, doing the same things over and over again, even if they were failures. In addition, he doesn’t seem to stay focused on an issue long enough to find a solution and bring it to fruition. He seems more willing to either put a Band-Aid on it or just tossed same old ideas at it hoping for a different outcome.

No one can deny that our country was slipping into a recession if not already in a recession when he took office. The reasons as to why will be debated for years to come, but bottom line is that actions needed to be taken. A look at history would give a baseline of do’s and don’ts to apply to the issues at hand that is not to say that all the answers are in the past. Recessions are nothing new to this country; we face several over our many years. We have had one great depression that we can look back on to make sure that that never occurs again and to look at the policies that help put our country on to economic recovery. It also shows what not to do.

President Obama from his first day in office decided that he was going to follow the typical economic policies rooted within the Democrat platform and the policies of FDR. History shows the policies of FDR were a complete failure, Henry Morgenthau, FDR’s Secretary of State, summed it up best:

Morgenthau assessed the federal effort to relieve economic conditions by proclaiming, “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. [...] After eight years of this administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started [...] and an enormous debt to boot!”

That has been a big part of Obama’s first term, spend spend spend. Despite the fact that Obama’s new claim that he is the least spending president in history, the numbers show much different. The national debt has grown, and continues to grow, at a record pace. During his first four-year term he has added $6 trillion to the national debt, considerably more than his predecessor during his eight year term, and more than the first 42 presidents combined. He submitted to Congress the largest budget in history. He has raised taxes, openly and hidden in legislations, he has imposed regulations that has stymied or destroyed businesses.

Obama claimed the other day that that shortly after he was in office he signed two trillion dollars in cuts from the budget. When Obama took office, the last actual budget we had was 2.933 trillion dollars and our revenues were 2.524 trillion, a deficit of 459 billion dollars. In 2011 they spent 3.601 trillion dollars and revenues were 2.302 trillion dollars, a deficit of 1.299 trillion dollars. Obama has grown the yearly spending deficit nearly a trillion dollars a year more than under his predecessor. So Obama, where the cuts, where is the reduced spending, where is the promise you made in 2008 that you would cut the deficit in half by the end of your first term?

Maybe it was his learning issues that led him to create Obama care. He should have known right from the beginning that Obama care was going to be a failure. While we never had such a national program here in the United States, there are many countries in the world that do. All one really needs to do is asked himself the question “how is it working for them?” If those systems were creating the best healthcare in the world, why do people from all over the world come to the United States and go to our hospitals to get healthcare? The reason of course is because their healthcare systems suck.

The goal of course behind Obama care was to get healthcare all Americans and to lower the insurance premiums. The legislation has failed on both. Since Obama care has started, more than 3 million Americans have been dropped from the rolls of the insured, and healthcare insurance policies have gone up on average 25%. Coming up in 2013 are more regulations being placed on healthcare industry, regulations on the healthcare providers and taxes which will all add to increase premiums. There will be loopholes that will also begin in 2013 for which some currently insured will lose their insurance; those people as well as others will lose insurance over the last few years will be allowed to apply and join the ranks of Medicare. This of course will add additional strain to a program that is already spiraling out-of-control and about to crash.

My American View

I have come to the conclusion that the only excuse this President can give for his actions during his first 3 1/2 years is that he is learning disabled. Almost everything he has tried to do during his first term policies that other presidents have tried in the past and have all failed. History clearly shows that just throwing money into an economic disaster does not yield any good results. Despite that, Obama decides to go down that road anyway and now despite seeing firsthand that it does not work, he plans on making this an integral part of the second term. In fact, every proposal that he speaks about while campaigning is nothing more than what he is already done. Somewhere along the way President Obama has to take hold of the fact that no matter how many times you continue to do something that didn’t work before does not mean it’s going to work now. If Benjamin Franklin continued to do the same thing over and over and over while trying to invent the light bulb, the light bulb would’ve never been invented. It was because he learned from his mistakes what would not work, and he went out and tried something different until he found the solution and hence the light bulb was born.

If President Obama himself does not have an idea and is solely relying on his cabinet to give him advice, then he needs to get a new cabinet. Even a child would know if he told them to do something again and it didn’t work the last time not to do it again. So forgive Obama the benefit of the doubt and blame his cabinet for being poor and misleading, why wasn’t the leader Obama smart enough to say hey that didn’t work for let’s do some different.

I understand more than anyone that a new job entails the learning curve. I became GM of a cabinet company in Ocala Florida. When I took over the company was losing over $200,000 per month. In my First managers meeting I wanted to get the feel of the personnel and see what we could do to right this ship. But all I heard was ideas that they already were doing and were already losing money on. I asked them all if it made sense to keep doing what they were currently doing or should we make a change and see what happens. Needless to say since most want to keep doing what was failing, he soon became unemployed. I took two weeks to study everything they were doing, look at their budgets, look at their operations, and put together a game plan that would hopefully we turn the company to profitability. Using the same people, with the exception of a few are replaced, I streamline the company, eliminated waste, put in more responsible policies and inside of 90 days the company was now turning a profit. Not only did turn a profit it increased productivity by 44%.

In essence that is what the next president needs to do. Streamline the way our country is currently doing business, eliminate the waste, put in more responsible policies, and increase productivity in all the cabinets in the Congress and in the Senate. Obama has already proved he’s incapable of doing that.

That is my American View what is yours

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